Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Sam specializes in a holistic approach when it comes to well-being

As a registered dietitian nutritionist with a background in exercise physiology, she’s equipped to help you get to the root of your happiness through sound nutrition, mindful movement, and well-being activities that put your mind and body at ease. When it comes to mind and body happiness, it really is a team approach!

We can’t show up as our best selves without first understanding that our mental and emotional health is just as essential as our physical

Whether that’s reading a good book or binging your favorite TV show, Sam’s here to help you figure out what makes you happy through a 3-tiered approach related to nutrition, physical activity, and mental wellness

The biggest key is that all 3 tiers should be fueling AND fun (fun is the minimum requirement!). 

Some days you may want a quinoa bowl followed by some yoga, and other days you may want tacos, margaritas and rest. It ALL fits, so don’t be afraid to get after it!!

Check out the packages below, and shoot Sam an email at to get started!

Group Coaching

Ever heard of strength in numbers? Well the same is true for your wellness journey.
With group coaching, you'll be joined with like-minded individuals who share the same values and struggles. You'll have peers to bounce ideas off of, to commiserate with and support one another with the guidance of Sam at the helm. Plus, you might just make a new friend (or friends) for life! And what could be better than that?
As a bonus, once a month we'll have a virtual group yoga class together via Zoom (from the comfort of your own home) with Sam as your instructor!
$ 397 Monthly
  • Group coaching, support, and education
  • 1 New Recipe each week (to try and share the results or modifications with others in the group)
  • Fun ways to get you moving!

1:1 Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Not quite interested in the group setting just yet? That's ok! Or maybe you just want it to be all about YOU? That's also ok!
Book a monthly 1:1 Nutrition Coaching package with Sam where you'll receive weekly calls, a new recipe each week, and ideas to get you moving*.
And as a bonus, once a month you'll "go for a walk" with Sam. Whether you're local or virtual**, one coaching session will be taken outdoors for a leisurely walk to clear the mind, body and spirit, and really help you get to the root of your happiness.
$ 497 Monthly
  • Weekly calls with Sam
  • 1 New Recipe each week
  • Fun ways to get you moving!
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